For nearly 50 years, CFC Properties has been a leader in the historic restoration, promotion, andrevitalization of several communities, especially Bloomington, Indiana – our home town. 

Review some of CFC’s significant milestones. 

CFC originally began as the Cook Financial Corporation as a means for the Cook family to assist its employees with no-interest loans rather than acquiring a bank loan. The original board members included Bill Cook, Dan Sterner, Miles Kanne, Phil Hathaway, and Steve Ferguson.


By the mid-1970s the loan program was no longer necessary. Thus, the company morphed into a real estate development and management company. Bill Cook did not want his name to be part of the new company name, so it remained as only CFC.  


CFC acquires and manages residential apartments in Bloomington, IN.


Bill and Gayle Cook take on their first restoration project - Colonel William Jones State Historic Site renovation located in Gentryville, Indiana. Originally built by Colnel Williams Jones in approximately 1834.


CFC takes on their first Bloomington-based restoration project, James Cochran House - once the home of Pari Dunning, Indiana's Governor from 1848-1849.