Smoothing the Way for Progress – Fulton Square Mall

Spoon River Blacktop resurfaces the Fulton Square Mall parking lot.
Repaved parking lot at Fulton Square Mall.

CANTON, ILLINOIS — Spoon River Blacktop of Lewistown has completed the work of resurfacing the 70,000 square foot Fulton Square Mall parking lot, according to the company’s owners Mike and Paula Stahl.

Jim Murphy, President of CFC Properties, was at the site today and says, “I am impressed with the outstanding work and expedient manner in which Spoon River Blacktop completed resurfacing work at Fulton Square Mall this week.”

Fulton Square Mall was recently purchased by CFC Properties, a Cook Industries real estate management company. Bill Cook purchased and renovated the Randolph Building in downtown Canton and has begun the process of building a medical device factory at the former IH site in Canton. Murphy explains the quick work of the blacktopping company helped minimize any inconvenience to customers.

Spoon River Blacktop employees spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the process. The work included getting rid of potholes, giving the parking lot a smooth surface, and adding a newer look to the entire mall. The business has been doing that work for 25 years and also operates United Asphalt Supply of Canton. The Stahls say the resurfacing work included mill work to get rid of potholes, a skim coat to smooth the surface, and application of the top surface of asphalt.

More improvements at Fulton Square are planned. Murphy explains there are four vacant suites at Fulton Square and improvements are currently being made. Today, Murphy will meet with interested individuals. Murphy will inspect the roof today and conduct additional building inspections. After a complete inspection, Murphy explains he will determine if there will be repair or replacement of the roof, but that will not be determined today. Plans also include painting the exterior of the buildings and tuckpointing. Another important aspect of beautifying the area will be landscaping work and lighting, says Murphy.

“Landscaping and these other improvements will enhance the arrival experience for customers at Fulton Square,” explains Murphy, who emphasizes the area is in the heart of the city and one of the first things that visitors see when arriving. A painted mural is another consideration for the mall area. Also today, other Cook Medical officials are meeting with Cook Canton contractors to discuss current construction activity and review the work already done, while addressing any questions on the work.