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25 minute video, the extended version. Watch the condensed 6-minute version.

CFC Properties, a Cook Group Company, has made waves in historic restoration, preserving history, and making an impact in communities. Learn more about a handful of properties that helped catapult revitalization efforts downtown Bloomington, Indiana (also home to Cook Group Global Headquarters).

Embodied Energy

10 minute video

Ever consider the amount of energy that goes into constructing a building? Interestingly enough, restoration efforts helped preserve the immense amount of energy once dedicated during the construction process. Dive deeper to learn more about the amount of embodied energy saved through the restoration of Bill Cook’s special project West Baden Springs Resort located in French Lick, Indiana.


10 minute video

First impressions start with curb appeal. Tour a handful of CFC’s properties with Robin Walls, CFC’s Horticulture Specialist, as he shares some of the landscaping highlights and tricks of the trade.